Crocodile Mandarin School

Who knew Mandarin learning could be so fun?

Overview: Our pricing structure is designed to encourage early registration. It is designed to reward students who attend multiple hours per week by giving them significantly lower rates per hour. There are also incentives to bring siblings along.

Multi-class discount: 20% off of every additional hour following the first hour purchased at full price.

Sibling discount: 10% off for every sibling after the first sibling has paid full price. All siblings must live at the same address.

Early Bird incentives: All incentives and discounts are normally valid until two weeks before the term begins. After that the single-class base price rises to $254.

The prices below are all-inclusive. They include a 6.9% registration and credit card processing fee as well as GST.

Please note: Listed prices may not apply to all locations, which have separate pricing structures.