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Who knew Mandarin learning could be so fun?


Adult Classes

You can learn a considerable amount of Mandarin--even if you are a busy student, parent, or professional in charge of the Western Hemisphere. Many of our adult students are hyper-busy people who devote one hour a week, study very little, and yet still make steady progress towards a solid foundation in Mandarin Chinese. Of course, if you do have time to study, your progress will be that much faster.

The Adult Class is a great bargain. There is no assigned homework or text books to buy. And you  will have access to a wealth of great online resources that are exclusive to Crocodile. These resources can be loaded on your mobile device, allowing you to study any place and at any time.  

Interested participants are encouraged to take a trial class. You have nothing to lose--and so much to gain. Acquiring some Mandarin skills could open a new world to you.


Samples of online resources. Audio is included.

Currently Offered at: Victoria Drive and at the North Vancouver Learning Centre

Times: 6:30  - 8 pm

Price: $156 for 8 summer sessions.

The first class is a general orientation to Mandarin sounds, so repeat students need not attend if they have mastered pronunciation.

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