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Adult Classes

Crocodile now offers two types of adult classes:

1. Crocodile Adult Class

This class is suitable for busy or hyper-busy adults who don't have lots of time for study or must study on the go. It has a relaxed and low-pressure atmosphere with lots of peer support. The class focuses exclusively on oral communication. It also closely tracks the curriculum in the children's classes and is thus perfect for parents wishing to become better coaches for their children.

As a  registered student, you will have access to a wealth of great online resources that are exclusive to Crocodile. These resources can be viewed on your mobile device, allowing you to study any place and at any time.  

Interested participants are encouraged to take a trial class. You have nothing to lose--and so much to gain. Acquiring some Mandarin skills could open a new world to you.

Samples of online resources.

2. HSK Academic Class

Are you planning to someday live or work in China? Are you an ambitious student with some time for homework? For you, we recommend the HSK Academic Class. This class includes training in speaking, reading pin yin, and in writing the simplified characters used on the Chinese Mainland. It can prepare students to someday take an HSK proficiency exam which is administered in Canada and is recognized by the Government of China as valid for employment and school admission purposes. This class is most useful for students who may someday live and/or work on the Chinese Mainland.  

Note: Students are responsible for getting an HSK Level One textbook and workbook (available on Amazon).

Currently Offered at: the North Vancouver Learning Centre

Times: 6:30  - 8 pm

Price: $176 for 11 fall sessions.

A 25% discount is offered on a second class taken in the same semester.

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