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Junior Academic Class

Description: This class is a transition between our play-based program and the academic program. Roughly half of the time is spend on play-based speaking and half on acquiring the skills needed to succeed in the academic program. Students will learn to recognize individual sounds of Mandarin and to read and write pin yin symbols, which are the romanized forms. Students are also introduced to Chinese characters. They are trained to recognize common characters and to apply the principles of stroke order which help them write correctly.

Currently Offered at:

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What ages are best for this class?

Recommended for students age 5-10.

Price: $232 for and 10-week term  

A 25% discount applies to an Academic Class taken at the same time. If you register two kids living at the same address, a 10% sibling discount applies to the second child.

Prices rise and discounts disappear two weeks prior to the term.

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