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Who knew Mandarin learning could be so fun?

Crocodile Play-Based Classes

Crocodile Play-Based Classes are taught with a mix of Mandarin and English. Many classes feature learning songs from our large library. These songs are presented on a large screen in the classroom. The teacher then conducts an activity which reinforces the material. Most classes end with a craft activity related to the lesson. Since most of these craft project have the vocabulary written on them, they become an additional resource to help you review.

These classes have no textbooks, no formal testing, and no homework. However, students can review material at home using our online Student Centre and parents will receive a transcript of the material, which will allow them to monitor their children’s progress.  

There are two types of Play-Based Crocodile Classes:

1. Crocodile Toddler/Preschool Class (ages 2-5)

Our youngest students will get lots of repetition and a pace appropriate to their tender ages.  We teach with Mandarin finger rhymes, movement games, and lots of easy children’s songs that can be reviewed online at home. The end of most classes features a craft project. Parent participation is strongly recommended in this class.

2. Crocodile A Class (ages 5-10)

This class is designed for children who are beginners or near beginners. Students that know the alphabet and can read simple 3-4 letter words are probably ready for this level. Children in this class learn skills like expressing likes and dislikes, asking permission, counting, naming colours, animals, parts of the body, and emotions.  

Currently Offered at: All Locations

Price: $245 for a 11-week term

A 25% discount applies to an Academic Class taken at the same time. If you register two kids living at the same address, a 10% sibling discount applies to the second child.

Prices rise and discounts disappear two weeks prior to the term.

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