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Summer Intensive Class

Nearly every child who takes Crocodile's Summer Intensive Class comes away with a serious boost to their Mandarin skills. The results of our first two years with this program have left both students, parents, and teachers open-mouthed with astonishment. And this is why we say: "If fluency is your goal, the Summer Intensive is your class."

Why is this? The Summer Intensive is held mid-morning when energy levels and brain function are at their peak. Students come on consecutive days, which allows for cumulative learning and less review. Teachers employ a teach-to-mastery model, and formal assessments are held regularly, so that no one is left behind.

Let's be honest: a high level of language skills is difficult to achieve with one to two hours of exposure per week. During the school year, that is what the vast majority of our students are limited to. Teachers know the frustration of discovering that their students have forgotten much of what they learned the previous week. In the summer, these constraints melt away--for a two-month window of opportunity--and serious students will now have the chance to learn for six hours a week as opposed to the usual one.  

This class is the whole package!  It contains elements of the Regular Crocodile Class, the Immersion Class, and the Writing Class. It runs Tuesday through Thursday for two hours a day for six full weeks. It has 36 total hours. It is a must for any serious student seeking some level of fluency in conversational Mandarin Chinese.

Special Half-Day Option: This year parents will have the option to leave their child from 8:30 to noon. This extra 1.5 hours will not include formal instruction, but will feature informal Mandarin activities such as story time, extra tutoring help, etc.

Currently Offered at: The Scottish Cultural Centre and North Vancouver

Summer 2017 dates: July 11 to August 18

Who can participate: Children 6+ (who have reached their sixth birthday by July 11).

Price: $680 ($560 until April 30)

Half-day Option Price: $270

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